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Meet sexy grannies online

They also tend to be rather tall, which is not great for a 5″ 7′ guy like myself – but I liked the fact that even short girls had long legs.But of course not all that glitters is gold – there are a few things to dislike.In addition to that, their skin and teeth aren’t always as good as they should be – consequence of excessive smoking.As for their personality, I would define Lithuanian girls as feminine, cultured and intelligent.

The downside of that intelligence and womanly intuition is that Lithuanian women are not gullible and will probably be suspicious of your intent – often coming across as cold and introverted.Lithuanian girls face strong competition to find a suitable mate – it’s typical to see chumps with girlfriends that are way out of their league.That is something that baffled me when I first arrived in the city, and had I not been successful in my conquers I would have been slightly bitter about it.Because of this fierce competition I mentioned earlier, Lithuanian girls force themselves to stay slim and fit – meaning the obesity rates are extremely low.One of my dates actually said ‘Any Lithuanian woman bigger than a size 36* is considered fat’.

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It is a cheap country by Western standards but the quality of life is actually pretty good – at least in Vilnius.